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Oct 13,2023

Barcelona vice-president, Eduard Romeu, has recently confirmed an intriguing financial development regarding the transfer of Joao Felix to the club. This revelation provides insight into the financial constraints faced by the Catalan football giant, as well as the player’s commitment to making the move happen. Joao Felix, the talented Portuguese footballer, had fallen out of favor with his parent club, Atletico Madrid. To secure his services, Barcelona had to explore a more economically sustainable path due to their well-documented financial struggles. As a solution, Joao Felix agreed to a significantly reduced annual salary of just €400,000 (approximately £345,000) in Catalonia. To put this into perspective, during his time on loan at Chelsea in the previous season, the English club had covered his wages, which amounted to a substantial €289,000 per week. This kind of financial commitment would have been impossible for Barcelona, given their financial limitations. Eduard Romeu, Barcelona’s vice president, publicly disclosed the details of this financial agreement. He highlighted that Joao Felix’s weekly salary had been dramatically reduced from his previous earnings, now sitting at around €7,700 per week.